My images explore our choices, struggles and layered emotional states, while also implying that we can rise out of the darkness to create a life of beauty and joy. Selected images are shown below.

All images below are available as limited edition prints or for licensing. I also do commissions to deliver a personalized fine art portrait or fantasy image. See my Services page for sales, licensing and commission information.


While stories can always be conveyed in scenes of faceless characters, there are also deep stories that lay at the heart of each individual face. I’ve approached this collection in a very loose way, allowing each person who poses for me to adopt their own stance so I can capture the look that seems to suggest what lays beneath the surface. Vulnerability, strength, grit, mischief – these are just some of the emotions I catch. The scene around them, including the clothing, adornments and coloring, is then constructed in Photoshop to match the mood. This is a current project that is on-going so more images to come.

A Woman of Depth

A Girl Beyond Her Years

A Story Her Own

A Flowering Future

Layers of a Lady

A Warrior Soul

The Human Condition

Below are examples of examples that depicts emotions and states that we all share – wisdom, knowledge, secrecy, duplicity, persistence, love and light. Some are constructed to go together or be complimentary. 

A Path Her Own 

The World That Awaits 

Her Unbridled Vision

The Light She Sees


Begin Again

Unravel the Mystery

A Gut Reaction

Quiet the Mind

She Brings a Fire

Love is in the Air

A Curious Mind

A Blessed Life



The Secrets She Holds Dear



Master of Her Domain


The Truth Seeker


Hiding in Plain Sight

An (Un)Natural State 


An Opportune Moment

A Murky Dawn


A Torch in the Dark

The Emptiness Within

The Answers She Desires

One More Try

She Carries it with Her


The Keeper of Roses


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