My images explore our choices, struggles and layered emotional states, while also implying that we can rise out of the darkness to create a life of beauty and joy. Selected images are shown below.

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All The Light We Carry

I like to imagine that within each of our hands is a force that we can ignite and use to color the world around us. This group of images explores this theme – color erupting from our body and extending outward in order to bring light to the darkness around us. These images use paint splatter, smoke and color to show the extensive reach, the almost explosive force of goodness that can erupt from within us when we harness our power for good. Below are a few images from this series.

She Brings a Fire

Love is in the Air

A Curious Mind

The Truth Seeker



Master of Her Domain

A Moment in Time

Hiding in Plain Sight

Unravel the Mystery

A Gut Reaction

Look Within

Dreams and the Darkness 

This is an on-going series that explores the duality of our dreams – part beauty and part darkness. The beauty is the hope that keeps us afloat, the joy our discovered dreams bring, the passion it ignites in our souls, the love it brings in community and friendship. The darkness is the fear that we will never obtain our dreams or we won’t live up to them, the judgment and critique of others who think us incapable of or undeserving of said dream, and the persistence we must keep in pursuing our dreams even when all odds seem stacked against us. The vivid beauty of a dream becomes even greater when settled against the backdrop of our own loss, self-doubt and despair. Below are 6 example images from this series.


Dancing with a Dream

The Dreams She Holds

What She Desires

Drifting with a Dream

Where Dreams are Found

Renewal + Breakthroughs

This is an on-going collection of images that explores issues of time, rebirth, and the journeys that break us from the darkness of our past to a place of greater reward. It suggests that we are bound by time and our past, but also able to break free, assume a new identity and move forward to a brighter future. 

A Place She Calls Home 


A New Day




An (Un)Natural State 


An Opportune Moment

A Murky Dawn


In Times of Desperation

This series of pictures examines various states of desperation – each pose representing a physical manifestation of feeling lost, sad, confused, disappointed and hopeless. There are 6 in the series; only 3 are shown below.

The environment across pictures remains constant – one that is is barren, dark and without life. Yet, in each there is a light element that the subject either holds onto, leans into, or is supported by in some way.  This is the most critical element in the pictures – that while we may feel truly lost, there is always an element of love, hope and comfort on our side whether we realize it or not. 

These images are designed to be purposefully vague. Will the person depicted in the image rise above the situation or fall? How are they really feeling? Is their response one of defeat or perseverance? Is the situation as truly desperate as they believe? Are they even aware of the presence supporting them?


A Torch in the Dark

The Emptiness Within

The Answers She Desires

The Human Condition

This is not a series but a group of images that depicts emotions and states that we all share – wisdom, knowledge, secrecy, duplicity, persistence, love and light.

A Blessed Life



The Secrets She Holds Dear



Begin Again


One More Try

She Carries it with Her


The Keeper of Roses


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