Conceptual Art & Storytelling


Want to change how you view the world?

 I offer two services to show you how!  

Connect through the contact form below to discuss how I can help you reach your creative potential.


Private or group instruction on crafting images that tell a story.

 Nowadays anyone can take a picture. But what does it take to make a picture?

Creative photography instruction takes you beyond what you see in the lens. I work with you to determine your message, craft your visual idea and then take the necessary steps to photograph and composite the images into your final vision.

By looking beyond what is in front of us, we can begin to open the doors of our own creativity, expand our perspective and create the world that exists in our dreams.

Currently, I offer only 1-on-1 instruction but will post here once a group class becomes available!


Seminars and workshops designed to spark innovation.

We all want to be more creative and guess what?

We can! We just need to practice.

Through my seminars, I use the camera – even as simple as a cellphone – to demonstrate how we can alter the perspective through which we view the world. The most important lesson I learned when studying photography was that cameras DO lie.

We can change the way we view a situation, ourselves and each other  just as we can change the picture we take with a camera.

Through an active series with audience participation, we’ll work on expanding our perspective, thinking beyond what we initially see, and learning techniques to approach everyday problems with a creative lens.

This is great for organizations looking for a way to boost creativity and give their employees some tangible exercises to practice so they can work on expanding their mind for innovation and new ideas.

Let’s Connect

Whether you have a question, are interested in collaborating, want to purchase a license or print or just want to say hi, drop me a message below and I’ll get back to you shortly!