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Pieces designed with your needs in mind

I offer two types of pieces for commissions – fine art studio portraiture and fantasy/surreal imagery. For all I strive to deliver a unique image that captures a person’s deeper soul, talent, richness and depth. For fantasy imagery, the goals go beyond just capturing the best of a scene. Here we can explore what you want to see or what you need to see in order to pursue a happier, healthier life. See below for details and if you’re interested, please reach out!

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Fine Art Portraiture

I specialize in dramatic, bold, in-studio portraits. I am partial to darker backgrounds and timeless looks.

Portrait sessions begin with a consultation where we will discuss your desires, what you’d like to receive from the session and the logistics of a session.

My prices are quoted up-front and there are no hidden fees. Prices start at $225/session.

I photograph people of all ages and backgrounds. Let’s work together to achieve that picture you’ve always dreamed of having!

Ready to create your timeless shot? Contact me through the form at the bottom of this page or email me at

Fantasy & Surreal Pieces

Have you ever wanted to transform yourself into a super-hero or something other-worldly?

Or transport to a different time or dimension?

I use photography and digital manipulation to bend the rules of our reality, to create a story or narrative that may not exist in real life.

It isn’t just to create an interesting visual piece. It’s also a chance to extend the frame through which we view the world.

Fantasy and surreal pieces aren’t just unique, they can also aid in healing and growth.

 What makes these images powerful is that they allow you to see yourself in a new light and can serve as a way to visually display what words cannot express. We are visual beings. Sometimes what we most need to move forward is to see our pain acknowledged visually and/or our power and strength displayed.

Whether it be a child or an adult, we can work together to create pieces that help you look at yourself and the world around you in a different way.

Fantasy work includes a consultation, conceptual development, photography of the subject(s) and elements of the image, digital manipulation and a set number of revisions. Due to the workload, please note that these types of images cost more than a standard photo session. Prices start at $350/image.

 Want to discuss? Use the contact form at the bottom of this page or email me at

Don’t see what you’re looking for?


No worries! I am able to do commission for specific purposes and projects. These include commissioned images for book covers, blogs, advertising, articles or business needs.

I am also very interested in partnering with public health and social justice organizations to help advance their mission.

Wondering if I can help you? Reach out to me via the contact form below and tell me what you’d like.



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