Conceptual Art & Storytelling


I am a conceptual artist who uses photography and digital manipulation to create imagery that communicates and tells a story. Below are my services.

Licensing & Sales

My images are available for licensing or as limited edition prints in various sizes. 


I create custom and unique images tailored to the story you’d like to tell.

Education & Seminars

I offer private instruction on photographic art and seminars on the creative process.

Existing images can be licensed for several purposes, including: 

  • Book covers
  • Album covers 
  • Blogs or online articles
  • Newsletters
  • Advertising
  • Or other purposes!

All images in the galleries are also available for purchase  as limited edition prints. All my images are square and can be purchased in the following sizes: 10″, 20″ or 36″. All images are printed from a specialty printer on high quality fine art paper.

I offer commissioned work for the following purposes:

  • Individuals looking for an empowering print, or
  • Organizations interested in creating imagery that communicates to their clients, partners or consumers. I am particularly interested in collaborating with public health and social justice groups looking to tell their story.

Commission work includes a consultation, conceptual development, photography of the subject(s) and elements of the image, digital manipulation and a set number of revisions. Due to the workload, please note that commission work costs more than a standard photo session.


I have a great passion for image creation and love to share through these methods:

  • Individual or group instruction in creative photography, and/or digital manipulation using Photoshop
  • Seminars in Cultivating Creativity for individuals and organizations looking to enhance one’s creative mindset. Photography and digital manipulation quite literally changed my life and have allowed the flood gates of my own creativity to blossom in ways that I could never imagine. Building on my background as former professor and certified coach, I’d love to share how I unlocked my own creativity using a structural process that anyone can follow.



Let’s Connect

Whether you have a question, are interested in collaborating, want to purchase a license or print or just want to say hi, drop me a message below and I’ll get back to you shortly!