Conceptual Art & Storytelling




I’m Amanda, otherwise known as A.E. I have always held stories and images inside my head;  it just wasn’t until recently that I’ve let them out.

Once upon a time, I was a health researcher. I spent over 15 years in health and research, earning a masters and a doctorate degree and conducting studies focused on mental health, risk behavior and behavior change. I use what I’ve learned in research and as a subsequent health coach to explore emotional health, behavior, and issues that we struggle with as a society through the medium of art. Because sometimes it’s not just words that touch but a picture. Sometimes what we feel is hard to describe and imagery can help it come alive for us.

I am a self-taught photographer and retoucher who uses digital manipulation to create images that tell a story, communicate an idea, and evoke emotion. In my fine art work, I often use myself as the subject, mostly for convenience. However, I love to do commission pieces for others as well.  My goal is to use imagery to touch and inspire, educate and make people think. Ultimately I would like to use imagery to empower and show people a new version of themselves.

Who I am: an odd blend of intensely analytic and creative, calm but with a fire, never settling

What I believe: that everyone has a purpose and something to say

What I despise: the word “can’t”,  labeling anything as a failure

What I hope to achieve: creative freedom, broader perspective, art that inspires, and stories that touch and engage

Why I call myself a conceptual artist & storyteller:  Other people might call me a fine art photographer or digital artist. I use the terms above because I am driven first and foremost by concept. Everything in my images is there for a reason.  I aim to create stories using one or many images, and I’m interested in working with people who share this interest. Furthermore, I believe in labeling myself for the role I want to achieve, which is to eventually incorporate other methods – whether it be spoken word, performance, comedy, drama, dance or other – into my storytelling.

Let’s Connect

Whether you have a question, are interested in collaborating, want to purchase a license or print or just want to say hi, drop me a message below and I’ll get back to you shortly!